Island Korčula

Korčula is one of the most beautiful and largest among the Croatian thousand islands.
It is 46,8 km long, with the surface of the 276 km^2. It is 1270 m far from the coast of Peljesac. 

The island coast is 182 kilometers long with 195 unspoiled bays and promontories and 48 islets. Measures commit that Korcula has 3000 sunny days per year. Korcula is covered with hundred sorts of Mediterranean vegetations and luxuriance forests, why Korcula in the past got the name Korkyra Melania (Black Korcula). 

The whole island is an ecologically well preserved garden where bird song and cicadas' chirping can be heard.
Mayor places on the island are: the city of Korčula, Lumbarda, Račišće, Žrnovo, Pupnat, Cara, Smokvica, Blato and Vela Luka.
Korcula is the window of the European culture that has left its traces over the years, during the Greek, Rome, Illyrian, Croatian, Venetian civilization. Korcula today is connected with Europe and the world with the ferries and the ships, roads and airports in Split, and Dubrovnik Zagreb. 

Korcula has preserved the long tradition of swords dances. Seamen and travelers from Korčula brought them to the island and adapted them according to their liking of imagination. That is how began the swords dances: moreska, mostra and kumpanija. Dancers are dressed in authentic costumes.  

Island of Korcula is the real discovery for the sport lovers and lovers of the active relaxation. The nature gave to Korcula clean and crystal-clear sea so you can enjoy swimming, diving in submarine world of flora and fauna, sailing, walking trough the pine woods, climbing into caves, on tennis fields and other playgrounds.



By the ferry

You can arrive to the island by the ferry from  Splita, Drvenik and Orebića.

Split - Vela Luka (3 hours)

Orebić - Korčula ( 15 minutes)

To check the time-tables of the ferry visit the pages:

Nacional ferry company
Riva 16  51000 Rijeka Croatia
Tel. ++ 385 (0) 51 211 444
Fax. ++ 385 (0) 51 213 116

Linijska nacionalna plovidba
114. brigade 10
21 00 Split


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