Prigradica is a small picturesque village  on the north side of Korcula Island, not far from Blato village. 

Famous export port in the past, Prigradica is now attractive tourist place, and has preserve authentic rustically atmosphere.

Neighboring villages, untouched by the centuries, are the unique experience of flowing  beck to the past.
Prigradica is stretched 3 km along the coast. Almost the whole coast is the beach, with stone plateaus and many gravel coves.

There is also the small playground by the seacoast, for many different sports (basketball, field-ball, football, tennis and volley-ball in the sand).

There is possibility of fishing and enjoying in the other sea sports.


Blato is the oldest place at  Korcula Island. It has been named by the alluvial, now drown-out field, where it is placed.

It is mentioned in church documents from 1144. as the organized city with mayor population. Colony Blato is much older, the oldest archeological finds in Blato’s aria are from the 4th century.

Today it has about 4000 citizens, mostly oriented to traditional professions, like fishery, and they work on the miserly ground where they produce the best vines on the island.

Beauty of the Blato and its surrounding bays, especially Prigradica and Prižba, made that the tourism became the leading economic activity. 

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